§ Research


Research methods

Data quality and sample sizes

Interpretation and reasoning

Sharing research

  • Show, don't tell - When working with senior stakeholders who wield considerable authority, it may be more effective to share with them and discuss the data that you uncovered rather than fighting to make the decision yourself.
  • Inform rather than persuade - Researchers should strive to deliver information rather than persuade audiences to help foster trust in the results and in research as a practice.
  • Expressing uncertainty doesn't undermine authority - Identifying areas of uncertainty is a positive practice that hasn't been shown to undermine confidence in research reporting.
  • ¶ Pyramid Principle - McKinsey's presentation structure, consisting of a key insight that decomposes into subordinate, mutually exclusive but comprehensively exhausted, supporting points.
  • Research repositories should generate new knowledge - A repository isn't just a catalogue; it should facilitate the collision of ideas

Research Org Design

Research artifacts