Digital Companies Must Compete for Micromoments

The terrain of competition is more focused than ever. No longer can organizations look to win the big moments, like holidays or the Superbowl. People touch their phones almost constantly, and every touch is a moment in which their loyalty can be earned or squandered. These are "micromoments" and to succeed, organizations must deliver the right experience in the right context at precisely the right time. Attention spans in these moments are astonishingly short; for more than one-third of mobile apps, engagements last less than a minute. But really, you may only have the time it takes for a customer to glance at their phone.

Sunil Gupta advised that to "win" at micromoments, organizations should carefully map customer intent and context; this likely requires in-depth, ethnographic research, rather than simple surveying or analytics reviews. From there, the organization must identify which moments are most important for the firm, and be prepared to provide relevant, useful information at precisely the right moment.



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