Elizabeth George's Character Prompt Sheet

In Mastering the Process: From Idea to Novel, Elizabeth George offers a prompt sheet that she uses to help her develop characters. The prompt sheet is a prompt, not a form; it should be used to prompt stream-of-consciousness freewriting about the character being considered. It's not intended as a rigid set of requirements.

•	Name
•	Age
•	Height
•	Weight/build
•	Birthplace
•	Color hair/eyes
•	Physical peculiarities or unique details
•	Educational background
•	Best friend
•	Enemies
•	Family
•	Core need
•	Pathological maneuver
•	Ambition in life
•	Gestures while talking
•	Gait
•	Strongest character trait
•	Laughs at or jeers at
•	Life philosophy
•	Political leaning
•	Hobbies
•	What other characters first notice about him/her
•	What the character does alone
•	One-line characterization
•	Will reader like or dislike the character?
•	Does the character change in the story? How?
•	Significant event that molded the character
•	Significant event that illustrates who the character is now



George, Elizabeth. _Mastering the Process: From Idea to Novel. Viking, 2020.