JTBD Job Interview Structure

This interview structure can be used to uncover customer jobs-to-be-done.

  1. Get background about the participant and the job. (Build rapport)
    1. Tell me a little about yourself and what you do
    2. When was the last time you did the main job
    3. How did you feel overall while getting that job done
  2. Understand the main job and related jobs (talk about JTBD)
    1. What are you trying to accomplish? What tasks are involved?
    2. What problems are you trying to prevent or resolve?
    3. What helps you achieve your goals?
    4. What would the ideal service be to do the job for you?
    5. What else are you trying to get done?
  3. Understand the process of executing the job (go through stages of getting the job done)
    1. How do you get started?
    2. What is the previous step? What is the next step?
    3. How do you continue you after that?
    4. How do you make decisions along the way?
    5. How do you feel at each stage in the process?
    6. How do you know you are doing the job right?
    7. How do you wrap things up?
  4. Find needs (uncover desired outcomes)
    1. What workarounds exist in your process?
    2. What do you dread doing? What do you avoid? Why?
    3. What could be easier? Why?
    4. Why do you avoid doing certain parts of the job?
    5. What’s the most annoying part? Why is that frustrating?
    6. How do you feel when the job is completeD?
  5. Probe on circumstances (Find out when and where performing the job makes a difference and uncover the salient factors that frame getting the job done)
    1. Ins which situations do you act differently?
    2. What conditions influence your decisions?
    3. How do the environment and setting affect your attitude and feelings while getting the job done?



Kalbach, Jim, and Michael Schrage. The Jobs To Be Done Playbook: Align Your Markets, Organization, and Strategy Around Customer Needs. New York: Two Waves Books, 2020.