Scope for Personas Should Be Right-Sized to Suit Their Purpose

Personas may be broad or narrow in scope. Their scope should be carefully selected to suit needs: a broad persona will lack the rich detail necessary for focused design work, whereas a narrow personas will probably be too specific to influence larger-scale decision-making.

Broad personas can influence multiple areas but lack depth. Narrow personas are rich in detail, but are are usually applicable only to focused use cases.

The broader the scenario, the less likely you will be to find segments of users who represent tight patterns of use. A broad-based scenario's unlikely to be helpful when designing a focused experience. Similarly, a narrowly scoped persona's interests are likely to focused to be used for broad, general decision-making.

The scope of [[Three types of personas - Lightweight, qualitative, and statistical|personas—broad or narrow—should be determined by the need for which they are being created.



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