Strategy Creates Advantage by Generating New Perspectives

Strategy is a kind of narrative: it serves to simplify a complex situation in a way that make sense of complex and situations and act amid uncertainty.

Part of what makes strategy powerful is its capacity to generate new perspectives and viewpoints. Such a reframing makes it possible to see the field of play differently from your opponent, lending visibility to new opportunities that can be capitalized on or risks that might otherwise have been missed. Strategy adjusts our focus, perhaps creating new analogies and metaphors which can help create novel ways of thinking.

When we engage in a strategic diagnosis, we re-orient ourselves. See The orientation phase of OODA is where the greatest risk and opportunity lies and What is going on here is the fundamental question for evaluating uncertain situations for more on how re-orientation can create advantages through the creation of novel perspectives.

See Strategic inflection points disrupt the underlying assumptions of a business or industry for discussion of how external inflection points might force the adoption of a new perspective.


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