About these notes

Welcome to my digital notebook.

This is (roughly) my digital zettelkasten, a collection of interlinked atomic notes about anything that interests me. In general, they will talk about strategy, research, UX, product development, learning, and knowledge management, but might stray pretty far afield from that sometimes.

Consider this my "digital garden." It's hobby work. I collect ideas that I am interested in, and I try to cultivate them as best I can.

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These notes are just that: notes. This means a few things:

  1. Fundamentally, they're written for me. I'm sharing them here in the interest of learning in public. If someone else benefits from reading them, it's a bonus.
  2. Don't expect polished prose. These are notes, after all. I do my best to always write clearly, but I won't necessarily be looking for a perfect phrase. My goal's to document the idea in a way that I'll still be able to understand it at some point in the future.
  3. They will rarely represent my final thoughts on anything. Sometimes, they include ideas or concepts that I don't understand or maybe don't even agree with, but that I feel I need to reconcile in order to understand something.


There are a few "kinds" of notes here:

  • #lit notes are other people's ideas that I've captured
  • #perm notes are "evergreen" notes where I've started to process ideas I've encountered into some kind of "strong opinion" or "strong fact."
  • #concept notes are just what they say on the tin: notes describing some concept or idea
  • #framework are, well, frameworks that I've found useful or interesting
  • #moc notes are "maps of content" that provide an entry-way into some topic or series of related notes

You'll also see notes tagged #refactor, which is how I remind myself that I have some reorganization work to do.

Here are some other symbols I use.


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